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It’s official Abellio Greater Anglia are the winners……..

August 10, 2016
Franchise winner, Abellio Greater Anglia

Franchise winner, Abellio Greater Anglia

  • Abellio East Anglia will run the franchise from October 2016, delivering faster, more frequent journeys along the route
  • Abellio East Anglia will oversee a massive £1.4 billion boost to rail services with more than 1,040 new carriages
  • 90-minute services to run between Norwich and London each weekday with journey times cut by 10% on average across the region
  • around £1 billion contract for Derby train manufacturer Bombardier to supply new trains

The obvious choice, perhaps, but despite the horrific delays and occasional tormenting journeys, the decision to award the interim holders a full monty franchise has a ring of correctness about it. The new carriages will be welcomed and seasoned travellers, including me, will be lifted and perhaps even feel less aggrieved by the ticket cost.

A subtle name change to Abellio East Anglia finishes the change, perhaps a goodbye to some of the more forgettable performances?


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  1. Didn’t Abellio used to play midfield for Liverpool?

  2. Scott,
    I haven’t a clue!!
    (About that)

  3. A joke: I assure you; I don’t really follow football.

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