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Scott Park…….Occupied!!!

July 27, 2016

Notice of Hearing

So many residents have expressed their concern at the tent community that has taken occupation of this park.

Regardless of the debating issue about land and free-living expression, it is a well used park and the beginning of the school holiday could not have been a worse time (Not that there is a good time).

The Council have already served notices to each individual and the site that a possession order will be sought and now proceedings are being issued at the County Court to ask that a District Judge or Circuit Judge makes the necessary order.

This should result in a hearing date late next week and once this is achieved, a service upon the occupants of the land. If they will not leave, then bailiffs and police attend to see that occupation is given up, as per the court order.

A time limit, is estimated to be 3 weeks but if sooner dates are achieved, a faster time period will be put in place.

Local police and other relevant agencies are aware and the inconvenience to park users and residents is regretted.


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One Comment
  1. Since this is “Scott Park”; can I shout; “get off mah larnd”, lol.

    I’d like to know though why it’s always so long before action is taken against illegal occupants where if you fall behind on your rent the phone starts ringing in days and all but a guy comes round your house with a pin-hammer.

    I agree that a special concern should be made for the safety of not just children but everyone, and hope the issue is soon resolved.

    That and after all this time I had no idea I shared my name with a park.

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