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Welcome new Prime minister

July 14, 2016
Theresa May becomes Prime minister

Theresa May becomes Prime minister

After the high drama of the referendum, we finally but in an expedited time, thanks to more drama, get our new Prime minister and during most of today, a new government. We know the top roles have gone to a balance of pro and anti Europe folk. The stunningly creative has to be Boris as Foreign Secretary. I fully approve, it will be a risk but I think the PM has evaluated this with Boris, if he lets her down, that will be his lot!!!

Meanwhile, Labour is trying to sort itself out and locally one of their activists, Matt Dent has spoken what he perceives to be some home truths about his party being “toxic”. Matt is to be praised for speaking his mind, that is after all, what he is there to do.


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  1. This is what I imagine is being said:

    Teresa May: What is thy bidding, my master?
    Queen: There is a great disturbance in the Force.

    Then I realised it may be heresy and that neither Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine were as evil as Teresa May and that Darth Vader may destroy me.

    Seriously though: no-one voted for John Major, no-one voted for a co-alition Government, no-one voted for Teresa May….if you factor in Gordon Brown and the Queen herself it leaves me wondering why we even have a vote anymore other than to convince ourselves that we’re still a democracy; especially since the Conservatives have now pee’d on it 3 times in my lifetime alone.

    The most honourable thing Teresa May could do here is organise another election for May 2017; and heck with every other major party either leaderless or doing widths in the shallow end she’d probably retain power whilst giving us a vote worth the paper it’s printed on.

    • I cannot agree…
      National unity is needed not a nasty election with the referendum re-lived.
      There have been plenty of PM’s by resignation…it is I think the 16th

      • I agree that referendums can’t be rehashed, though Teresa May was in favour of “stay” and may want to call a second vote there; it would look hypocritical even by her standards if she called a vote on one and not the other; call a re-vote on both or neither.

        As you mentioned there have been approximately 16 PM’s by resignation a fifth of these have been in my lifetime, (Major, Brown, May), plus a co-alition Government; that’s 3 by Conservatives and 1 by Labour, if you count the co-alition Government this goes up to a quarter and we’ve previously not had that since the Second World War.

        Surely this actually highlights the importance of a re-election and a change from the First-Past-The-Post system we currently use.

        Though I realise that an election doesn’t have to be called and the FPTP system are enshrined in law; if we’re re-writing other laws in the alleged interests of national security then surely we can do the same to give the People more of a voice: not less; and this is what could make Teresa May either one of the most dynamic or reviled PM’s ever.

        It may be nasty, it may be expensive, but it’ll be democracy.

        It’s why I don’t think Cameron should have resigned; as much as I’m not his biggest fan he gave the people what we wanted: a voice.

        He gave us the vote to choose whether we stayed in the EU and whilst it wasn’t the result he wanted; he actually done something right for once.

        What if the nation unified in saying we wanted a “nasty” election, would we then get it?

        Call it what you will but between not calling an election and “Snooper’s Charter Version 2.0”, this is democracy being undermined.

        As said previously: Teresa May seems to be mistaking 1984 as a manifesto and not a novel.

  2. Shouldn’t be rehashed*

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