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Prince Harry………Positive about HIV

July 14, 2016
A real boost to sexual health awareness.......

A real boost to sexual health awareness…….

The Tory quest about undiagnosed HIV in Southend has received a real boost with Prince Harry undertaking some positive, on-screen, test of his blood to promote HIV testing and the dangers of undiagnosed HIV.

A paper with some promotion attached is to come forward from Southend, showing what sexual health services we offer and with a section on un-diagnosed HIV efforts that are needed. Some may remember the motion which the former Administration would not pass simply because of the aspiration to halve the un-diagnosed rate of HIV. Thankfully that situation has changed and the paper should receive cross party support.



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  1. A very noble gesture indeed.

    The issue though is the concept of halving the cases of undiagnosed HIV because it’s nigh-on impossible to get accurate numbers for this.

    We can educate on the risks and preventative measures but it’s impossible to get accurate numbers; whether that undiagnosed number is 2 or 2 million; even 1 is too many so to achieve this we need to find a way to make such screenings more accessible, perhaps by including it as part of a standard blood check which could be screened whenever someone has a blood sample taken.

    This would probably be more cost effective too; if we can check a standard blood check for such medical conditions it can help people who’ve never considered the risks.

    Cases such as this certainly deserve greater awareness; kudos for making a blog entry relating to it.

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