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July 3, 2016
They don't want him.....

They don’t want him…..

So many want her....

So many want her….

After Brexit has been decided both the big national political parties are involved in leadership changes, one the Labour Party, has through its parliamentary party, voted 170 to 40 to have no confidence in its leader and now its deputy cannot even get to see his guvnor! The contest is complicated by the leader wanting to hold on and issue £3 quid membership to attract wholesale support for Corbyn. If this succeeds, he will return to the same parliamentary party who don’t want him…..sensible or a recipe for yet another disaster?

Luckily, the second the Conservatives, have an organised election process, well under way, but with May already gaining serious party popularity and offering at least one quality leader at the despatch box, she must be hoping that Corbyn remains in place for at least the immediate future.

For equality, I hope that the Labour Party can match May by looking seriously to Ms Eagle as its next leader, it is time to accept brexit and move on with the huge opportunities that are in the worlds economic structure.


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  1. Teresa May would be an excellent choice for an Orwellian society since she wants to spy on everything from our emails and text messages to our online searches and even gaming activity….funny how when people file Freedom Of Information requests for her browsing history they’re all declined as they’re “vexatious”.

    And if Teresa May is reading this; I’m prepared for the zombie apocalypse, alien invasions, genetically-engineered super soldiers, and the capturing of nearly 900 different animals in tiny red/white balls.

    The next Conservative manifesto would basically be a copy of 1984 under her leadership; if she is indeed chosen I hope she does at least 1 thing right and call another election before she forms the Thought Police.

    Seriously though, you should go for it yourself, though if you’re not an Etonian educated multi-millionaire you might be shunned with the rest of us plebs.

    • Well, food for thought.
      Being a pleb, I will stay as a councillor!!!!
      But in an unsafe world, freedoms get curtailed because of the minority who use terrorism as its control. Can we really imagine the fear some people have gone through?

      • A small amount of people who want to use the fear of terrorism to control others….like Teresa May for example?

        A nation of people living on fear doesn’t ask questions or question their Government and even if they do they could always be detained without charge under existing Anti-Terrorism laws….and guess who wanted to extend the duration of that detainment….

        Why do we need terrorists taking away our freedoms when our own Government is doing it to us already?

        And since Teresa May isn’t releasing the information a “transparent Government” would have no problems providing how do we know she isn’t a sleeper agent for a terrorist cell; she has access to Government buildings I don’t so it’d certainly be beneficial to them.

        I’m not sure whether I could file a FOI for your browsing history for example but even if I did I have no reason to because I’m pretty sure you’re not a threat to national security.

        For reference the last thing I bought was a Bluetooth keyboard for my fiancée, the last website I visited was Amazon, the last game I played was Mario Kart 8, and the last song I listened to was Runaway by Linkin Park: I’m not sure whether any of that is any indication that I’m not a terrorist but according to Teresa May that’s the kind of information that the “Snooper’s Charter Version 2.0” would gather, which conveniently has exclusions for politicians.

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