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We are leaving EU………………….

June 25, 2016
Its Out of EEC!

It’s Out of EEC!

After a momentous and frequently awful campaign, both sides, the people of the UK have spoken and with a huge turn-out the votes cast were to remain, 16,141,241 at 48.1% and leave, 17,410,742 at 51.9% it was decisive in numbers as it was geographically amazing. People in Labour heartlands voted leave which has now put a huge question at their leadership and a request that at the Parliamentary Labour Party meeting, a motion of no confidence is put. The Prime minister has, as we all know resigned. This was especially irritating, after the, I will lead you all whatever the result. Still we won’t be worrying about his financial welfare, as like Jeremy, they all have healthy pensions and wealth.

Europe has made clear that it will not be an amicable split, er I think we knew that and other member states are fending off their people in growing demands for referendum choices. Leadership contests now loom and the political landscape looks set for more turbulence before any sort of calm takes hold.


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  1. As much as I’m probably one if Mr. Cameron’s harshest critics I don’t see reason for him to resign: he gave the People the chance to vote; we voted,can we chose to leave.

    Yes; he wanted to remain but it was our voice that was heard and at least he didn’t stab us in the back in 2010, (though this time all votes were counted rather than a flawed “first past the post” system).

    He gave us all out democratic right to decide our future and we chose it.

    Considering were only a year into a 5-year Conservative term I hope Mr. Cameron does the right thing before October and arranges a new national election rather than stick us with someone we never voted for fir the next 3.5 years.

    Still, like you said; it’s not like he’s short of a few bob.

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