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….And personality assassination too!

December 30, 2014


The peaceful Christmas was mostly achieved but an outbreak of truth started the 2015 Election in Southend, a bit earlier than usual.

Frankly the blogging of some is an opportunity for them to write outrageously tasteless comments, which go far beyond the political acceptability bounds and certainly would make ordinary voters feel sick and tired of the nasty “bitching” that has already seen too many run to other groups. So the UKIP councillor who has followed my lead in “outing” this behaviour should be thanked, lets criticise policies and leave the personality issues aside. The alternative is a degeneration to a low and banal level, i see that the North Korean Leader has been personally insulting and racist to the American President, what is wrong with these people?

Back to the seasonal media offering, it was a coup that the Queen won the ratings war, ahead of the usual winner Mrs Browns Boys and even the Dr Who special. The surprise of this season, in my view, was the Top Gear trip to Argentina, pure entertainment with a twist!

Not having to travel this Christmas was a relief, seeing the torment that thousands of people had to go through, because of Network Rail and over-running engineering works …..In Southend we are travel and public transport aware and that is to the credit of a number of us who keep the issues to the top of the local agenda. The need for new rolling stock on the current Abellio line is high but the delays and stoppages at the door of Network Rail are serious and i am not dismissive of calls to take Network Rail back to public ownership, there are genuine justifications for a change.

I wanted to remember the late Eddie Camp who made such a continuous contribution to the Health agenda at Southend Council, sadly Eddie died on Christmas Day….

Welcoming a New Year is a great opportunity to start again or re-position but acknowledging reality is important and the loss of more souls on the flight QZ 8501 is tragic…..lets think of them and their families.


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