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Prince Harry ……takes after his mother…

December 21, 2014


Prince Harry shows an international concern......

Prince Harry shows an international concern……

Ending 2014 will be a relief, with the recent atrocities against ordinary people by group or singular terrorists in Sydney and Peshawar, both put domestic issues in to some context.

Southend just yesterday, Saturday, showed a brilliant spirit, with a bus driver dressed top to tail as Santa Claus raising money for a hospital ward and the Pastors usually on patrol at night, offering free “hugs” to people. It showed a side to the town or any town that is all too rare but made a simple trip memorable, thanks to those spirited people.

Like his mother, Prince Harry has taken to the plight of the vulnerable and he sums up my feelings about world and local issues, to care regardless of the political policies of any regime.

2015 will present some new issues and no doubt repeat some others and of course the “E” word that as it is Christmas i am not going to mention!!!

The earliest piece of good news for 2015 has already been trailed, the enthronement of our first women Bishop, Libby Lane, an essential change for the establishment

To my residents of St Laurence Ward and others who read this, including the local media, i wish you a “Happy Christmas” or simply well, if you do not mark the season.




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