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Rio fantastic!

Rio fantastic!

Rio fantastic!

Liam Heath with Kayak partner Jon Schofield winning silver....

Liam Heath with Kayak partner Jon Schofield winning silver….

With the 25th gold medal recently claimed in Kayaking, we can rightly be proud of Team GB with a medal tally of 61 and two well deserved celebratory home comings ordered by Prime minister May, it is time to really look forward to a renewed optimism in the UK and its financial and world security.




London comes alive to the Night Tube!

The Capital comes last!

The Capital comes alive… last!

Jubilant Londoners rode the Night Tube for the first time as it finally launched overnight.

More than 100,000 people are expected to use the 24-hour service on its opening weekend, which London Mayor Sadiq Khan hailed an “exciting new chapter” for the capital.

Six trains ran per hour on the Victoria line and most of the Central line on Friday with plans under way to introduce more Night Tube services.

Among the first wave of Londoners to use it were students Sam McGonigle and Edward Hick, both 19, who told the Standard they were “buzzing”.

Mr McGonigle said: “I’m so excited to be on the Night Tube. I’ve been on about half an hour and so far I’ve loved it. I think they should extend it.”

The service will be rolled out and well done to London Mayor Khan for riding out on the first night tube with other first passengers in the carriage too.

Night safety can actually be enhanced with night services but I have no doubt it will face some challenges, but with the current Olympic spirit we can make this a real success. Local bus and traditional train services need to begin to step up to the challenge as well.


It’s official Abellio Greater Anglia are the winners……..

Franchise winner, Abellio Greater Anglia

Franchise winner, Abellio Greater Anglia

  • Abellio East Anglia will run the franchise from October 2016, delivering faster, more frequent journeys along the route
  • Abellio East Anglia will oversee a massive £1.4 billion boost to rail services with more than 1,040 new carriages
  • 90-minute services to run between Norwich and London each weekday with journey times cut by 10% on average across the region
  • around £1 billion contract for Derby train manufacturer Bombardier to supply new trains

The obvious choice, perhaps, but despite the horrific delays and occasional tormenting journeys, the decision to award the interim holders a full monty franchise has a ring of correctness about it. The new carriages will be welcomed and seasoned travellers, including me, will be lifted and perhaps even feel less aggrieved by the ticket cost.

A subtle name change to Abellio East Anglia finishes the change, perhaps a goodbye to some of the more forgettable performances?

Cleared of travellers….Scott Park

Sir David Amess MP with Cllrs Flewitt And Buckley with some local residents at the cleared Scott Park

Sir David Amess MP with Cllrs Flewitt And Buckley with some local residents at the cleared Scott Park


The occupation of Scott Park had affected the surrounding area hugely. With the local community seriously worried for their safety and a disappointment at the lack of reassurance from the police, this occupation was an unwanted first for the area and Scott Park.

David Amess is showing considerable interest in preventing such an occupation and the related upset to the community again.

Scott Park…….Occupied!!!

Notice of Hearing

So many residents have expressed their concern at the tent community that has taken occupation of this park.

Regardless of the debating issue about land and free-living expression, it is a well used park and the beginning of the school holiday could not have been a worse time (Not that there is a good time).

The Council have already served notices to each individual and the site that a possession order will be sought and now proceedings are being issued at the County Court to ask that a District Judge or Circuit Judge makes the necessary order.

This should result in a hearing date late next week and once this is achieved, a service upon the occupants of the land. If they will not leave, then bailiffs and police attend to see that occupation is given up, as per the court order.

A time limit, is estimated to be 3 weeks but if sooner dates are achieved, a faster time period will be put in place.

Local police and other relevant agencies are aware and the inconvenience to park users and residents is regretted.

Atrocity………..In Nice

Another atrocity.....

Another atrocity…..

Prime minister is totally right to put us all on heightened security alert and the Foreign Secretary makes fit and proper tribute to the too many who have died on Bastille Day.

Prince Harry………Positive about HIV

A real boost to sexual health awareness.......

A real boost to sexual health awareness…….

The Tory quest about undiagnosed HIV in Southend has received a real boost with Prince Harry undertaking some positive, on-screen, test of his blood to promote HIV testing and the dangers of undiagnosed HIV.

A paper with some promotion attached is to come forward from Southend, showing what sexual health services we offer and with a section on un-diagnosed HIV efforts that are needed. Some may remember the motion which the former Administration would not pass simply because of the aspiration to halve the un-diagnosed rate of HIV. Thankfully that situation has changed and the paper should receive cross party support.


Welcome new Prime minister

Theresa May becomes Prime minister

Theresa May becomes Prime minister

After the high drama of the referendum, we finally but in an expedited time, thanks to more drama, get our new Prime minister and during most of today, a new government. We know the top roles have gone to a balance of pro and anti Europe folk. The stunningly creative has to be Boris as Foreign Secretary. I fully approve, it will be a risk but I think the PM has evaluated this with Boris, if he lets her down, that will be his lot!!!

Meanwhile, Labour is trying to sort itself out and locally one of their activists, Matt Dent has spoken what he perceives to be some home truths about his party being “toxic”. Matt is to be praised for speaking his mind, that is after all, what he is there to do.


They don't want him.....

They don’t want him…..

So many want her....

So many want her….

After Brexit has been decided both the big national political parties are involved in leadership changes, one the Labour Party, has through its parliamentary party, voted 170 to 40 to have no confidence in its leader and now its deputy cannot even get to see his guvnor! The contest is complicated by the leader wanting to hold on and issue £3 quid membership to attract wholesale support for Corbyn. If this succeeds, he will return to the same parliamentary party who don’t want him…..sensible or a recipe for yet another disaster?

Luckily, the second the Conservatives, have an organised election process, well under way, but with May already gaining serious party popularity and offering at least one quality leader at the despatch box, she must be hoping that Corbyn remains in place for at least the immediate future.

For equality, I hope that the Labour Party can match May by looking seriously to Ms Eagle as its next leader, it is time to accept brexit and move on with the huge opportunities that are in the worlds economic structure.

We are leaving EU………………….

Its Out of EEC!

It’s Out of EEC!

After a momentous and frequently awful campaign, both sides, the people of the UK have spoken and with a huge turn-out the votes cast were to remain, 16,141,241 at 48.1% and leave, 17,410,742 at 51.9% it was decisive in numbers as it was geographically amazing. People in Labour heartlands voted leave which has now put a huge question at their leadership and a request that at the Parliamentary Labour Party meeting, a motion of no confidence is put. The Prime minister has, as we all know resigned. This was especially irritating, after the, I will lead you all whatever the result. Still we won’t be worrying about his financial welfare, as like Jeremy, they all have healthy pensions and wealth.

Europe has made clear that it will not be an amicable split, er I think we knew that and other member states are fending off their people in growing demands for referendum choices. Leadership contests now loom and the political landscape looks set for more turbulence before any sort of calm takes hold.